Monday, June 28, 2010

The Vulnerability of Human

To belong in a community of the children of God where people are followers of Christ, for me is a BLESSING. They are the same people that you'll treat as family especially when you're away from home. They are the one that will pray for you at your ecstatic and down moments. They will serve as your immediate Circle of Friends.

Yes, I am blessed to be in the community of SFC and I'm thankful I found this community or I was found by this community. For the long time I've been away from home, they are my home away from home. In the community, I found not just friends but genuine friends that I know I'll treasure for life. In the community, I found belongingness. But it isn't always like that...

There was a time as well that I felt I don't belong. It wasn't because I was outcasted but more of because I outcasted myself. Human as I am, there were those unexplainable moments where I feel like I dont belong. Gladly, they were there to affirm that I do belong.

However, recently this community I am proud of, was tested. It was shaken. Conflicts arises. Conflicts caused by individual differences that led to insensitiveness to misunderstanding to coldness. It was sad. It is sad. We are stuggling, trying to fix the differences for the greater good and GLORY. Nobody is to blame but everybody has to take charge.

I think it has been human nature to express his utmost thoughts, opinions and principles on some aspects and the fact that each human being is unique makes all expressed thoughts, opinions or principles vary from one to the other. And when all thoughts are expressed, there is that comparison and inevitably the differences will most likely prevail. It is what is happening now. There are a lots of thoughts. I see, all are good and I can't tell which is the greater good. The most probable solution is that each one must compromise. Indeed, COMPROMISE is a big word.

As a community of God, I know and I can see everyone is trying to compromise. But the oppression of the reality of individual differences barred or is barring as now. I believe this is just a trial for this beautiful community and I'm hoping and praying to God that as His community, we all will leave behind the vulnerability of our being human and embrace the will of God.

So Help us God.



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