Monday, April 19, 2010

Champion: Run For Who

No pain, no GLORY!

Yesterday, I attended our SFC Singolympics 2010 in Marikina Sports Park. I had an event as I volunteered myself in the 100-m dash in the track and field. I placed second in the race but it made me feel a CHAMPION not because of the win but because of the great message I obtain from it. So here is what happened:

When our chapter head asked for players who would want to play in the mini olympics, I responded and volunteered myself even though I know that on the same day prior to the olympics, I'll be running 5 kilometers for Earthrun 2010, a run for the benefit of Greenpeace (environmental group.) The 100-m run for the olympics felt like a call from above. It's like God was telling me, "run for ME".

Recently, I have developed this passion in running and everytime I run, there is that fulfillment. I had already run for 3 causes including the latest earthrun. This has been the one thing I've been praying for at times when I felt I'm nowhere and nobody and no one. This is what God give me to keep me going in life and I felt so thankful for this passion. So when God called me to run for HIM, no second thought, I said YES LORD.

Before the events, I kept asking myself, "could I do this?", "Could my body, strength handle this?", "Should I gave up earthrun"?. The answer given to me was YES, YES and NO. So I push through earthrun and ran my 5-K in about 38 minutes then I proceed to our olympics.

While I was going to the venue, I already felt my legs hurting a bit (muscle pains) as I had ran Friday night before Earthrun as well, just to practice and condition myself. I talked to God, "Your will be done". Then out of nowhere I just asked HIM, "Lord, second?". Then minute later it drizzled, I thought to myself maybe they are praying in the venue now and the little drizzles were just blessings. Little did I know, those little drizzles as well was God's answer to my petition.

Came my running event, I was the only runner for Central C as the other one from other chapter was sick and it was not allowed anymore to add players who were not pre-listed. The set-up was that, there are 2 sets per running category. First set is composed of 6 sectors and the other, 6 as well. The top three of each set would compete in a final run to determine the winners. I belonged to the second set. The first set, there were 4 runners while in my set, we are only 2. Since all in all we were only 6 in that category, I thought they would only get the best times and ranked and no need for a final run. In my set, was me and a boyish girl. She finished first with 17.25 seconds while I get 18.10 seconds. It was fulfilling for me as well even though I havent outplayed her cause I run it my best. It was really like my RUN FOR HIM. That 18.10 seconds was like a short but everlasting moment with HIM.

The other running events continued, while I am gaining new friends from other sectors as well. That was what the event was all about, camaraderie, new friendships and friendly games. My company of friends from my chapter decided to eat lunch as it was almost 1:00 in the afternoon already. I have told them to go ahead and I'll follow. I was having my time mingling with other runners too. We were told so stay put as we'll still be having the final run. Supposedly, in 100-m dash, we should be 5 as top 3 from 1st set and the 2 of us in the second set but someone didnt show up so we were four in the final run. Just what I have asked, I placed 2nd.

When the track and field winners were awarded, I was not there so I urged ate Froz that we should ask for it. I want to have that medal for the chapter. I was actually asking Him to make me even just the 2nd place  to give honor to my brothers and sisters in the community specifically my chapter. I asked HIM (second place) to give honor to my friends who are supporting me in one way or the other. The awards committee said that there were no unclaimed medals for track and field so I was sad because for me, that was what I could share to my friends, my brothers and sisters in the chapter. I insisted on asking the coordinator of the sector, it could be that a representative has got it.

But it wasnt, what happened was, the results given showed I was not the 2nd and was the last. It broke my heart. My time was interchanged with other runner. I know and He knows. No need to protest. I said, "it was fine" so that it wouldnt bother the organizers anymore. It was just sad because that could have been the tangible proof of my RUN FOR HIM and I could have share the triumph to my friends. I have not avoided my shallow tears so I really shed tears at first specially when my friends were hugging me and consoling me. It was sad.

While we were hearing the holy mass, the priest mentioned about communication to loveones. He asked, "Kinakausap nyo ba ang mga boyfiends and girlfriends nyo?". He said "Dapat lang kasi kaya mo sila kinakausap kasi mahal mo", "diba kapag ang kinakausap mo ay di sumasagot, nakakalungkot?". Then it came to me His message "that is fine, you dont need the medal to share to your friends.". I was struck at a moment and think. Yes, it was my RUN FOR HIM and He saw me. I asked HIM second and He gave me that. It was between us. There is no need of a tangible proof to His glory. All I have to see was HIS affirmation and confirmation of love for me because HE is talking to me and is responding to me because HE loves me. The drizzle, the missing medal and the 2nd place were just HIS simple manifestations that WE have a deep relationship of love.

He said to me during the praisefest, "You asked 2nd place and I gave you that but for ME you are a champion, MY CHAMPION". I saw HIS GLORY and HIS awesome POWER. I was strucked even more. I have asked for 2nd place because He should be the first. I don't need to share the triumph anymore, all I needed is to share HIS GLORY. His GREAT LOVE.